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5 reasons to invest in good design

What are your business’s top priorities for this year? If one of them isn’t to invest in really good design, you need to read on.

First off, cards on the table – we are a design-led agency. Great design is something we live and breathe every day in the work we produce for our clients. But that’s not the only reason we advise businesses to invest in it; we do so because we know it can be the differentiator that helps companies gain an advantage over their competitors, as well as the fuel that powers jaw-dropping marketing campaigns that reach more of your target audience.

Design is about more than just making something look pretty; it’s also about how something feels and works. Here are 5 reasons to invest in good design right now:


First impressions count

Today’s time-pressed consumers will form an opinion on your brand in seconds that will be the decisive factor in whether or not they interact with you. With so little time to make a good first impression, design is basically the only tool you have at your disposal to convince customers to stick around. To begin with, you need to create a strong and memorable brand that will stand out from the competition. Think about what you want people to think and feel when they first lay eyes on your product, website or brand, and work with skilled designers who can produce creative to reflect this.


Consistency is key

As human beings, we are programmed to enjoy consistency – it makes us feel safe, secure, and on familiar ground. Consistency is also one of the key elements to building a successful brand. Not only does it eliminate confusion, but it helps customers learn about your business offering more quickly and easily. This is because consistent design is intuitive design, and any customer interactions you can make intuitive will be more likely to succeed. Finally, consistency also saves you time and money. Strong designs are modular, built up brick-by-brick, layer-by-layer using predefined components. This consistency saves time when producing new product designs and collateral, freeing up your team to spend more time thinking creatively and developing products and services that really work for your customers.


Customer experience matters

Good design not only helps attract customers to your business, it can also be a key factor in whether they buy from you. Good design is pleasing to your customers as it makes your entire offering, from products to websites, easy to use. It’s an established fact that well-designed websites help convert visitors to loyal customers that buy from a business time and time again. Websites that are difficult to navigate will usually have high bounce rates as visitors leave having failed to find what they were looking for. There aren’t many second chances in business – after one negative experience, most customers won’t try again. The good news is that good designers are skilled in balancing aesthetics with user experience, and will consider how something looks as secondary to how it works and what sort of experience it offers your customers.


Visualisation aids understanding

Human beings are primarily visual learners. If your business centres on data, deals with tricky concepts, or struggles to explain its products or services, creative design could help you present information and ideas that you struggle to put into words without rambling on and on (something that will hamper your efforts to amplify your brand reach through amazing content, and will do nothing to support your sales team in selling more to the right people). Professionally-designed visual aids like infographics and explainer videos make complex information and concepts far simpler to understand and easier to absorb, saving you and your customers time. What’s more, if done well, they can also be fantastic resources to support your sales team.


Good design makes money

Good design isn’t cheap, but the good news is that an investment in it isn’t one you’re likely to regret either. By enabling your business to make a strong first impression and helping you to communicate clearly, consistently and professionally, it allows you to build strong, loyal customer relationships based on positive shared experiences, as well as execute amazing campaigns that will help your business stand out. In return, you’ll sell more. An investment in good design is an investment in future profits – so make it one of your priorities today and see where great design could take your business.