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Content Creation

The Road Is Calling Video Storyboard




A promotional video for first time website visitors and future advertising content. The Road Is Calling storyboard was designed to resonate with drivers of classic and modern supercars - Atmospheric, epic and poignant.


  • Kevin Bull
  • Clare Algate
  • Craig Fraser
  • Jimmy Bricknell


  • Video Storyboard
  • Location Recce
  • Music & Sound Design
  • Content Creation
view from above of road through trees featured-700x500

This storyboard takes you through the initial video shot list, music and sound design, locations and photographic shot styles, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Music & Sound Design

Classic and Electronic were the two genres proposed, each with a different take on the pace and connection with the video but both very fitting to the brief.

Sound Design & Location Recording

Using professional location recording techniques and purpose built vehicle mounts we can capture the authentic sounds of both vehicles. In addition, use of cinema sound effects heightens the viewing experience and contributes to increased brand value.

Example- Car featured BMW M6 F13

Peak District

Recording locations

Winnats Pass

Snakes Pass

Ending Shot Locations

  • Recording Locations


    across the UK
  • Hours Shooting


    in a 5 day shoot
  • Miles


    between locations