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National Accident Repair Group

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The National Accident Repair Group is a network of the UK’s leading accident repair centres. With some 300 locations across the country, it oversees thousands of claims and repairs every year and delivers white-label solutions to many high-profile clients.

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The icon represents a collaboration, a group, connected through experience and expertise. The structure reflects the notion of working together, with a shared objective / aim in mind. The symmetry promotes strength and stability within the industry.

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We produced a new premium business card design for the company to help reflect its stature and chosen company values of trust, quality and expertise. We chose a simple yet strong typeface to give their communications a sense of authority. We also designed a new company logo – an icon representing a collaboration or group united through experience and expertise. Its structure conveys a sense of working together with a shared objective or aim in mind, while its symmetry evokes strength and stability.

We created sub-brands for the company’s iDeploy and weDeploy software products, which both aim to speed up the repairs process and promote customer choice. As both systems have one overall objective – offering clients (individuals and companies) a secure and reliable route to begin a claim process – we designed logos that are unique but fit together to form a whole. Each sub-brand has its own dedicated primary colour, with two colours from the parent brand’s core palette added to provide unity and consistency. They also have a ‘chevron’ pattern texture, evoking pro-activity, efficiency and action.