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Veycom Work - Arts1: Website Design & Build


Website Design & Build

Arts1 is a Performance School specialising in Musical Theatre, Dance, Singing and Acting. Based in Milton Keynes, the school have more than 500 young students and adults attending part-time classes and full time courses every week.

With boundless energy, Rebecca and James have created an incredible platform for so many. Their students have gone on to enrol with some of the best recognised Theatres and Academies in the country as well as performances in Television, Theatres and Production.

Veycom Work - Arts1: Website Design & Build

What we did

The previous site was reported to be difficult to navigate, clunky and as the school grew became challenging to update. With more events and classes the site had started to slow.

It was important for Arts1 that the new site could grow with the school, with a CMS simple to update and better user experience on the front end. We introduced a new digital timetable, gallery, events booking module and will soon be launching the new Arts1 shop, and 1-2-1 bookings module which will manage individual sessions from diary to payments.

Interactive Timetable

This was built to so that Arts1 can update the timetable and for parents and students to easily identify where and when classes are scheduled. With three studios, four categories and a lot of age groups, a double filter means that the required class is quick and simple to get to. Select that class and you can find details about the class and the teacher that runs it.

The timetable was built for mobile too, adapting the filter function to a dropdownand classes which don’t match the criteria hidden from view.

Veycom Work - Arts1 Timetable

A new way to apply

We created a new multi-step application form that talked to the site, finding all available classes that currently exist. Split into sections with validation.

- Input validation

If fields remain blank or emails and telephone numbers are considered not valid, the user will be unable to continue to the next stage of application.

Veycom Work - Arts1 Input Validation

- Choose Your Class

The classes load with lazy-loading, this takes the strain off the page initial page load and will only do so when they come into view. As a result you have a quickerpage speed, good news for Google and your prospective user.

- Consent restrictions

With the part-time school application open to anyone, with no limits north of 3 years old, we need to capture parent or guardian information when the applicant is younger than 18 years. The form calculates from the applicant’s DOB whether the consent information is required, and if so these fields are made available.

- CRM Integration

Arts1 already use a third-party CRM software, so we integrated our form using anAPI. Each time a user applies, it automatically adds this to the CRM into their chosen deal stage.

- HTML Email

Anyone who submits an application through the Arts1 website can expect an email confirming submission and providing useful links. Nicely formatted with clear and concise information. The same format is also used to notify the Arts1 front of house team, as well as creating this in their CRM.

Veycom Work - Arts1 Apply Emails

Mega Menu

We created a mega menu for the site with the view to keep navigational clicks to a minimum. This helps users find appropriate pages faster and Google likes it too. We added a random image selector, meaning each time you visit a new page, you will see a different image.

Events Module

The events module collects payments through WooCommerce, issues e-tickets, creates QR codes, seating plans, dynamic pricing, repeat events, timeslots and reminders.

Veycom Work - Arts1 Events Module Archive

Veycom Work - Arts1 Events Module Seat Chart Seat chart module
Veycom Work - Arts1 Events Module Cart Selected tickets in cart

The module is easy to create new and replicate existing events. It’s a great platform for a school used to staging up to 6 different performances every year.

Veycom Work - Arts1 Events Module Admin

Advanced Gallery

The gallery hosts both videos and images. We embedded keyboard shortcuts such as left and right keys to allow for a quicker navigation between each galleryitem.

The website is substantial which included a new CMS, event solution and CRM integration. The Arts1 Merchandise Store and 1-2-1 Bookings Module will be launched in 2020.