What we do

Our multi-skilled team includes designers, digital experts, copywriters, photographers, videographers, strategists and sales experts, all driven by a passion for creative marketing.

Sales Coaching

Working with partners who are experts in this area, we offer sales coaching for individuals or teams, which we can deliver on site at client offices or off-site at our own premises, depending on requirements.

Our training courses are suitable for sales people from all sectors, whether they are just starting out or already working at a high level. Training focuses on providing participants with “real world” solutions to obstacles they may face in the workplace and is proven to help improve bottom line performance.

Essential selling skills

Ideal for those who are new to a selling role, or who have had no previous formal training, this course covers all the essential skills necessary to sell successfully. By the end, participants will be able to navigate the entire end-to-end sales process with ease.

Sales coaching empowers sales people to improve their selling skills and close more business. As well as teaching best practice and sales strategies, research has shown it increases morale, improves communication and aids conflict resolution within teams.