The Beauty Of Inbound Marketing

Trent Dyrsmid made a classic statement about the beauty of inbound marketing in one of his webinars seminars on the link between B2B inbound marketing and targeted outreach. He said, “Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks, ‘Hey, I hope I get spammed today.'” Nothing could be truer–especially if you are a business and don’t need another pushy promotion. Getting attention has never been harder. Cold calling or cold emailing (which is replacing it), once the new go-to methods of marketing are less and less welcome and therefore less effective. Today the best strategy is to use inbound marketing strategies where potential customers–who are motivated to buy–come to you to find what they need.

Outbound marketers, in their rush to spread their advertising, forget to ask the question regarding their potential customers, “what’s in it for them?” If a potential customer doesn’t feel the benefits of your outbound contact which takes their time and bandwidth, one click can unsubscribe them or unfollow them and they will never fall in your path again.

The Business To Business Customer

The target customers for many manufacturers who sell to business are the engineers, scientists, operations or plant managers, and supply chain directors who are very serious, responsible people trying to make effective, value measured decisions about vendors, technologies, and business improvement strategies. More than anything, these prospects need information about the solutions to their problems. Once they find you and are convinced by the arguments you give them, these prospects may become large, stable accounts.

These serious prospect, for whom a purchase will fill an important need for their company, may read technical journals more than blogs. They may not waste a lot of time on social media. However, statistics show that 90 percent of B2B buyers start their search using Google. If they find you on the first page of their Google search, your company will make it on their shortlist.

This Is What The Facts Support

Your best business prospects are online looking for better solutions every day. The more important the purchase is, the more B2B prospects are doing online research and the more they will search for credible information that will help them. As manufacturers you have the best available information about solutions your products are designed to provide. You can provide a lot of in-depth information that industrial prospects will eat up.

The Manufacturer Advantage

Manufacturers can create the kinds of websites with detailed and authoritative information and opinion that Google’s ranking protocol loves. A study of online content length vs ranked position on Google’s search engine shows a clear relationship. The higher the word count the better the rank.

A manufacturing company with the right mind-set can easily stand out by going deeper and longer than anybody else. This kind of content which may not be interesting to the average retail buyer will attract those serious business buyers and raise the level of discourse on the entire online community. Once the content is written, it can become part of more traditional marketing–integrating your online content with the materials you send out to promote your products.

Demonstration videos and videos that depict important technical matters are very powerful online. Video material is occupied an increasing percentage of web content (some say as much as 55 percent). Videos and slide shows attract large followings. This kind of content can be naturally developed in a manufacturing setting where the processes are inherently interesting.

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